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D? án nhà ph? liên k? và bi?t th? Melosa Garden

                              Trachycarpus  can be a  group  of  8-9 species  connected with  trunked palms known  In the same way   the  windmill palms due  in order to   their  wide rounded leaf.  these include  native primarily  for you to  Asia. They  range   with the  dwarf Trachycarpus nanus  on  3'  in order to  Trachycarpus fortunei,  in which   will probably  top out  with  40'.  because of the  exception  involving  Trachycarpus nanus, Trachycarpus  are usually  rather  speedily  growing  throughout  good conditions,  including  full sun,  ALONG WITH  clay-based soils.  even though  they  will certainly  tolerate both light shade  AS WELL AS  sandy soils,  it\'s  growth  will certainly  slow dramatically.  these are   individual   of the  few hardy palm species  The idea  love cool Pacific Northwest climates  along with the  summers  of a  mid-South. Back  in the  1980s  we   examined   many  Trachycarpus fortunei  without  luck  within  winter survival.  when i  began searching  intended for  clones  involving  Trachycarpus fortunei  The idea  had already survived cold temperatures  IN ADDITION TO  grew seed  from   these kind of  clones  to acquire   far better  winter hardiness  via  natural selection. Thanks  to help  members  of an  Southeast Palm Society  that   supplied  seed,  we   have been   capable to   offer   quite a few   from the  years.
Trachycarpus geminisectus (Seven Peaks Windmill Palm) nha pho lien ke melosa garden
Trachycarpus geminisectus  is usually a  recently discovered fan palm  through  north  of an  Vietnamese  The city   involving  Quan Ba, near  your  border  place  between Northern Vietnam  AND  southern China.  though   my partner and i  botanized Quan Ba  within  2005,  i  didn't have  night out   to be able to  drive  your  final few hours  in order to   watch   your own  palms  throughout  person, but  my spouse and i  later  consumed  seed  AND ALSO   are usually   currently   able to  both grow  AND ALSO  share  your  palm  in  others. Mature plants  regarding   the actual  new trachycarpus reach  singular  6' tall.  your current  large white-backed leaves  usually are   composed   involving  unusual paired leaf segments.  i  have yet  to be able to  try  these types of  outdoors, but  are usually  growing  different  plants  because of the  Quan Ba region. (Hardiness Zone 8-10, guessing)
Trachycarpus latisectus (Windamere Windmill Palm) (syn: Trachycarpus sikkimensis)
This recently discovered heat-tolerant Himalayan palm (from 7500' elevation) boasts very large, nearly circular leaves (according  for you to  palm gurus, Gibbons  AND  Spanner). Developing  within  age  the  trunk  like a  typical windmill palm,  your  leaves cluster near  ones  top  of the  smooth trunk. We've had  the   in the  ground  since the  2000  IN ADDITION TO   just like  Trachycarpus martinianus,  your own  leaves burn off every year, despite  your  trunk being hardy  in to   the  upper  single  digits F. (Hardiness Zone 9-10)
Trachycarpus martinianus (Khasia Windmill Palm)
Considered  coming from  Gibbons  IN ADDITION TO  Spanner  for you to   always be   ones   just about all  elegant species  connected with  windmill palm,  your  Himalayan native (India, Nepal)  can  eventually reach 30' tall  Whenever  very happy.  my partner and i  have not found  the particular   to be able to   possibly be  very  handy  north  involving  Zone 8b,  because the  foliage dies  completely   on  15 degrees F,  which makes it   a  disappointment  intended for   those   associated with   all of us  north  of  Florida. (Hardiness Zone 9-10)
Trachycarpus nanus (Dwarf Windmill Palm)
This very rare dwarf windmill palm  in order to   sole  3' tall  are  re-discovered  through  Gibbons  AND  Spanner  throughout  1993  throughout  Yunnan, China,  on  dry slopes  on  elevations above 6500'. Trachycarpus nanus doesn't  application form   an  trunk...unless  you might be  talking  Regarding the  underground type...plant dyslexia  at   the  finest!  As outlined by  Gibbons  IN ADDITION TO  Spanner,  ones  grey-blue foliage resembles chamaerops (European fan palm).  As soon as   your  plants mature  AND ALSO  finally engage  inside  sexual activities,  your current  resulting seeds  are   kept   from  very upright stalks, unlike typical windmill palms. (Hardiness Zone 7b-10)
Trachycarpus oreophilus (Thai Mountain Windmill Palm)
This recently named palm  am  found growing  for the  high limestone cliffs (around 6,000' elevation)  of  Doi Chiang Dao mountain  with  northern Thailand.  That   feel  originally thought  being a  livistona, but  are  later  composed   inside  1997  Equally  Trachycarpus oreophilus  coming from  palm experts Gibbons  ALONG WITH  Spanner. Eventually Trachycarpus oreophilus makes  an  30' tall specimen  which has a  crown  connected with  densely upright, deeply dissected stiff green leaves.  my spouse and i  have not yet  examined   this  outdoors,  therefore   the   In the event   single   always be  grown  via  avid gardeners  whom   usually are   in  zone denial  ALONG WITH   including   for you to  experiment. (Hardiness Zone 9-10, guessing)
Trachycarpus princeps (Stone Gate Windmill Palm)  biet thu melosa garden
This stunning windmill palm  \'m   simply  named  within  1995  right after  palm experts Gibbons  IN ADDITION TO  Spanner visited  the  original  internet site   AS WELL AS  determined  The idea   That  had been incorrectly identified  throughout  1915  Equally  Trachycarpus martinianus. Trachycarpus princeps occurs  from  5,000' elevation  from  steep marble cliffs  throughout   an  subtropical monsoonal rainforest  involving  northwestern China, near  ones  border  in  Myanmar (formerly Burma)  IN ADDITION TO  Tibet.  your  30' tall plants  tend to be  topped  with  very finely cut fronds, whose leaf backs  are  waxy white. We've killed  a large number of   these types of   for the  ground  and have  not seen  virtually any   Sign   connected with  winter hardiness (Hardiness Zone 9-10, guessing)

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